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  • You may not threaten violence against other individuals, users or groups of those.
  • You may not threaten or promote terrorism or extremism.
  • You may not engage or promotion the harassment of other individuals, users or groups.
  • You may not promote violence, threaten or harass other people or groups on the basis of gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, serious diseases, religious affiliation or disability.
  • You may not promote or encourage suicide or self-harm in any way.
  • You may not post media, share posts or use profile pictures that explicitly show sexual violence, are excessively gory or promote violence. If you are unsure about the content ask an moderator before you post it and tag it as "Sensitive content".
  • You may not use this service to promote any illegal activity or service any unlawful purpose. The location of this service is Germany so German law applys.
  • You may only have one account on this server.
  • You may not use this server to distribute spam or in the manipulation of users.
  • You may not use this server impersonate other persons or groups in an unintended way or to mislead, confuse or deceive others.


  • Moderators and Administrator enforce those rules.
  • You may remind other users of those rules but you are not allowed to enforce them.
  • If you think a user violate our rules you are encouraged to report them or inform us in an email about it.
  • We reserve the right, in case the rules are broken, to warn, silence or suspend the offending user(s).
  • If you think you a user on this server or you was treated unrightful you may contact an Moderator or Administrator to appeal the decision and clarify the situation.

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