Found it under man. I was searching for docs or wiki. Looks interesting but I still really dislike the UI

The thing is that I want a nice UI and the Gerrit style is not really nice and not really user friendly for me.
Also you can't easily find the docs 😂

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New German draft law wants to force Google, Facebook and others to save their users passwords unencrypted to "help" the police with investigations on hate speech if they need access to user accounts. Note: Article is in German



@amolith When I tried it a couple of years back there where some issue with the dev I think and the app was not great and you needed to pay to get all features.

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The Tor network team spent the last 12 months working to improve network scalability and accessibility.

- Reduced module complexity and maintenance burden;
- Developed new architecture for several key Tor modules;
- Implemented better tooling;
- Improved testing for several key Tor modules; and
- Improved our documentation.

All this work couldn’t have happened without the support of many teams at Tor and anonymous volunteer cypherpunks. Thank you.

Details: blog.torproject.org/modularizi

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@amolith @sir

And then they tell me how they are shut down if they want to improve something. "It does not bring money in." But there customers either don't know or don't want to know.

I always think my machines are badly configured but then I hear what friends talk about their work place and it is beyond believe that their employer still exists. It is unbelievable how insecure and plain naiv everything is configured.


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Just found a fantastic article via @sir about the state of "systems administration" at the time the article was written. In my opinion, it's gotten much worse since then.


In short . . . it sucks. People want a simple install method that includes running one, maybe two commands and messing with a config file. They don't care to actually know what's going on under the hood so they can *properly* run it: verify signatures, download components from trusted sources, keep everything patched for security, ensure every dependency is up to date, etc.

"Throw this Docker image on your server and in 2 seconds, you'll have this service running with no hassle whatsoever!"

Fuck that shit. Do it right.

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@rysiek bit late but I needed one for docker buildx

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Eh... Should I set-up Gitea+drone or Gitlab on my personal server?

Gitlab is a beast but I use it elsewhere, has CI/CD well integrated, the WebIDE is pretty sweet. Still, seems an overkill for a one-man operation.

Gitea seems a lean mean git hosting machine, but I would need to add drone for CI/CD. And it doesn't have certain neat features of Gitlab.

Decisions, decisions!..

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2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.

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