@sir has released new results on forgeperf.org/.

A great shout-out to user mappu04 who identified the roadblock that made us look bad in previous run!

The worst-case results for huge repos still a known open issue, potentially resolved by caching in coming gitea release.

NOW OUR CALL FOR CONTRIBUTION: If you agree with us that accessibility is important, and would like to help resolving the accessibility issues tagged in the report: please have a look and consider a pull request!

@sandro @sir Codeberg is running gitea as user-facing web frontend indeed.

However, we do not see noteworthy performance-issues on normally sized repos (both gogs+gitea have still known issues for huge repos and can take up to 8sec or so for example to render linux kernel repo views).

The now enabled gzip-content compression should improve the situation for users with seriously constrained bandwidth, those are overweight in the lighthouse measures, thus the huge jump in the metrics.

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