#CloudFlare is now hitting the archive.org wayback machine with the same #CAPTCHA as #Tor users, thus censoring history too.

@resist1984 One reason more to use Cloudflare.The wayback machine keeps data from all websites forever.Maybe it's interesting history for some public information but they also save social media,forums,everyone you ever wrote with no way to delete it.That's pure evil.

@nipos @resist1984 they only save websites that allow crawlers. So disabling crawlers for website means it won't be saved.

@nedelne_rano @resist1984 @frommMoritz There's a big difference in making content searchable or cloning it completely forever.If it's in the search and the author decides to delete it,search links will return Error 404 after clicking it.Yes,there may be some other cache but I'm talking about pure search results.This isn't problematic.If you delete it and there's an exact copy of the page which isnt removed,this is a problem in some cases.

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