If #Pinafore were available as a mobile app (iOS or Android), would you use it?

Note that the app would work exactely the same as in the browser (e.g. Safari or Chrome), but it would have its own app icon and would be downloadable from the App Store / Play Store.

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(And yes, I'm aware that Pinafore is a PWA and can be installed to the home screen. But I'm wondering how many people are even aware that this functionality exists, or if they'd prefer to just get it from the app store like most other apps.)

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@pinafore You can upload PWAs to the play store.....

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@sandro Yep, this would be the plan. Unfortunately you still have to set up a Google developer account, fill out all the Play Store metadata, etc. But it's way easier than the Apple App Store.

@pinafore dev account is basically giving them your name, adress and 15 €. The Infos about the app take you at most one eventing.

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