@fedilab I can't take pictures with the app and notices that it does not have a camera permission.

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New US visa online application now requires you to enter all your social media presences when you apply for a visa:


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What do you use as your daily driver?
(Boosts appreciated)

@Gargron Can we get relay filtering? I wan't to filter out some foreign languages I can't speak but not block the the entire instance....

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I've been doing some stuff on my #Ubuntu installs to try and improve my workflow. So far it seems to we working really well, so I wrote about it. 😃


@a_breakin_glass I am still new ot mastodon but why do you toots not load on my instance? thats confusing if I want to react to something older....

@gled relay.mastodon.net/inbox gives a 401 for me. Is it closed?

Finally got Mastodon working correctly! It turned out that my server only accepted TLS 1.3 and Mastodon only support up to TLS 1.2. A more verbose error message would be great. Only HTTP 503 is not that useful.


My own Mastodon instance for me and friends. If you're instance or media download is blocked due to cleanup write me a mail and I unblock it.